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Business Advice


Expert in
Business Advice

Sales Management

For some small businesses, the sales function is an afterthought. We help backstop the burden of managing your small sales team.


BD is the lifeblood of any business. Our proprietary Business Development Discovery process will help get you there.

Operational Optimization

Do you feel like your back office staff could perform more efficiently? We can help improve your office efficiency.

Government Services

Navigating the federal registration rules and regulations can be an overwhelming challenge.

What We Do

At Shaker Consulting, we ​​help our clients gain access to the tools used by large corporations, scaled down to their individual needs. Our team, along with our partners, specialize in Business Development in the private and federal sector, Sales Force Management as well as Commercial Operations Optimization.

Here is How We Can Help

Our goal with every client, is to quickly identify deficiencies and develop creative solutions, so that you can avoid the pitfalls that keep your business foundation strong.

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Our early stage medical device company manufactured a product that was FDA cleared and had been successfully sold into three different markets across the US. The reaction to the product was fantastic, the maintenance and reliability of the device were outstanding but with limited dollars to spend on sales and marketing, we were struggling to get wide-spread adoption and awareness of the product. We didn’t have the funds to hire a full-time head of sales that had the level of experience needed to both set the sales strategy and manage a sales force. We turned to Shaker Consulting and Jim Brady to help us establish, direct, manage and hold accountable a field sales force of 30+ 1099 sales reps across the country. Jim quickly understood the challenges we were facing, immersed himself in the product and the markets, and leveraged his time-tested techniques for driving sales strategy and sales accountability to help us rapidly expanding sales in the US. After spending time with each of the existing sales reps, JIm quickly determining who could drive success, removed some that didn’t fit the mold, and recruited new reps who he believed would be successful selling our product. Our field sales force has never been stronger and we are positioned well for success in the coming years. Jim is an extremely quick learner, understands the sales process and how to motivate sales people, and meshes extremely well with our existing team. In just 6 months, Jim has fully integrated himself in our business and become a strong performing member of our team. We are thrilled we found Shaker Consulting to help take our business to the next level.

Brad P.Innovative Medical Equipment, LLC

“As an executive director of a non-profit for 8 years, I often feel as though I have bit off more than I can chew. I’m so proud of myself in many ways but then there are certain areas that actually make my stomach hurt trying to disseminate, decipher and simplify. In short, we have created an umbrella organization that has “sub organizations” and our bookkeeping was a mess. The first result in hiring Shaker Consulting was a HUGE sigh of relief. When I met with Hilary, she made me feel as though every problem I was confronted with was solvable and workable. I had worked with other consultants in the past that left me feeling miserable and embarrassed but Hilary made everything feel EASY and conquerable! Mostly, Hilary made me feel as though I wasn’t alone and she would be there every step of the way. Her passion to help me to create a new system was obvious and her friendly and approachable style made our meetings fun – imagine that! Our organization is well on the way to having clear and concise books with a new and simple plan for moving forward. I recommend Shaker Consulting to any business or organization that seeks better systems for growth.”

Abby G.Crooked River Alliance of TimeBanks

“I love that Jim took the time to learn about my business before presenting an insightful strategic plan that was ultimately responsible for a significant growth in sales. Thank you!”

Mike L. ATS Tactical Gear