James Brady is an accomplished sales leader with 20+ years of success leading divisional growth within the dynamic healthcare and government markets. He is a natural leader with a talent for inspiring all levels of personnel to exceed performance goals through team building and mentoring.

He began his professional career as a U.S. Army Infantry Officer serving multiple tours in the Middle East exiting the Army to specialize in start-up pharmaceuticals and bio-tech. Jim later earned his MBA in 2005, a portion of which was conducted in Europe, consulting small businesses.

He’s served in diverse sales and marketing leadership roles, including District/ Regional Sales Manager, National Sales Director and Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Jim is an analytical strategist with Emotional Intelligence and a proven ability to execute innovative sales strategies and business development initiatives. As VP Sales & Marketing with Edenborough Int., he helped transform a small, Middle Eastern focused private security firm, into an international leader in business facilitation.

​Jim is a proven Sales Leader who is passionate about helping others succeed.

Hilary Anderson, a native of Cleveland, Ohio, often signs her emails with this quote: “It’s not the will to win that matters – everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.” (Bear Bryant) We all know what happens when an athlete is supported by an amazing coach on the field but what happens when we take that kind of positive influence and bring it to the business world?

As a collegiate athlete and the Head Coach of the State Champion Shaker Heights High School Field Hockey team, Hilary knows a few things about coaching.

Hilary has spent the last 16 years coaching businesses to realize their full potential. Hilary’s passion lies in the collaborative effort to discover, uncover, learn and grow with owners resulting in business and non-profit achievements. Hilary’s track record of accomplishments with local businesses includes a wide variety of experience from the back end of organizations (financials, policies, goals and objectives) to the front end (hiring, training and evaluating staff). Hilary brings with her a sheer desire to work together, as a team, to find the right equations to create the best possible outcomes. Most reflective of Hilary are the words from this quote in the business world, “The best coaches really care about people. They have a sincere interest in people.” (Byron and Catherine Pulsifer)